gerriatamicis.jpg.w300h225-We can match your theme. If the children have a favorite character or theme, we can match the face painting. Imagine all the children artistically painted to be pirates and princesses, or dragons and knights, or his favorite super hero!

-It's safe. We use only products designed for use on the skin, so you need never worry.

-We're insured by the World Clown Association, so you don't have to think about that.

-Quality face painting makes for great photo opportunities. This will make your event memorable, fun, and the talk of the neighborhood!

-We follow good safety and health regulations.  Our setup is clean and tidy and looks good.  We care about quality.

-We bring everything with us, from table to models' chair to safe products designed for use on the skin.

-Face Odyssey has  been in business since 2004.   So, you know we take our business seriously.

Face Odyssey Face Painter in Woodbridge, VA

With Face Odyssey...your only limit is your imagination!